The story behind


LE MOOI ~ Luxury Scarves was founded in early 2020 in Maastricht, The Netherlands, by us, Einat and Lital. We are two women with a special passion for fashion. LE MOOI is a fashion design studio of premium accessories for women, specializing in luxury scarves. Alongside style and comfort, our goal is to design quality scarves for women that will accompany you year-round. 
We design and produce seasonal scarves collections 
made of specially designed matching fabrics for winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

Our luxurious scarves are made using high-quality fabrics. We focus on soft textures and glamour. We believe that a beautiful, luxury scarf can transform an entire outfit. 

A LE MOOI scarf is an effortless fun way to update and refresh your wardrobe. Treat yourself to a beautifully luxurious Le Mooi scarf. Our scarves are made using unique prints handcrafted by local artists. We work only with the finest fabrics, rich and vivid in color, radiating style, and elegance.
Each scarf is designed and created according to our image of the woman who will wear it. We take inspiration from women in our lives, and they are our muses. Each scarf is named after a woman that we know. In our vision, every woman is a work of art, and sometimes all that is required is a unique item, a finishing touch, to make her complete. Fashion is all in the details!

“Our scarves for women are made from natural fibers and in particular, we focus on cashmere, wool, silk, and cotton.  We have a broad selection of both colors and sizes. All of our women’s designer scarves arrive beautifully wrapped in our luxurious bespoke packaging which is free of charge”.

The closing of our scarves is unique and easy to handle. It guarantees every woman always wears the scarf perfectly and firmly. By using the magnets sewn on each side, the appearance will be upgraded from a beautiful tie shape into an elegant triangle wrapped around your neck.

Whatever you choose to wear, a suit for your business meeting, your casual pair of jeans, or a nice dress, a LE MOOI scarf will make a notable addition to your presence.

Accessorise your life with 

style, glamour and finesse!